"One key to successful leadership is continuous personal change. Personal change is a reflection of our inner growth and empowerment." 

Robert E. Quinn


I am an executive coach specialising in working with leaders and managers in Banking, Insurance and other City businesses.

"Catherine was professional, constructively challenging and effective at helping me to appreciate others’ perspectives in a given situation."

I help people lead effective and lasting organisational change and achieve personal transformation. I do this through giving them them the tools and confidence to overcome the challenges of change, and empower them to deliver the results they are seeking.

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  • Are you feeling stressed and overwhelmed?
  • Are you struggling to implement change?
  • Are members of your team resisting the new direction?
  • Is your team disjointed with emotions bubbling unhelpfully under the surface?
  • Is your team's productivity being reduced by change fatigue?
  • Is the burden of relentless change affecting your own performance?

If so, you are not alone.

I work with leaders like you , and their teams, to help them to:

  • Become skilful and effective leaders of change
  • Get very clear on the vision for change
  • Plan the change implementation
  • Deliver, high quality, frequent two-way communication throughout the process
  • Manage stakeholder relationships and influence effectively
  • Develop resilience strategies
  • Ensure the change "sticks"


By helping leaders apply relevant discoveries from neuroscience, I guide them to navigate a clear route through the complexities of change. Aligning with the brain's approach to change allows you to achieve better results in a shorter timeframe.


I help people achieve professional and personal success by following my Leader’s Blueprint for Change. This transformational journey, with proven steps and grounded in robust neuroscience, enables leaders and their teams to overcome the bumpy terrain of organisational change to deliver change that engages people and creates tangible business results.

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"I can definitely recommend Catherine's considered, reasoned, logical and not to mention friendly approach to management coaching."

I work with leaders and managers...

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Catherine’s style is open, thoughtful and friendly. She is not afraid to challenge but in a way which invites a considered response. Her support, guidance and encouragement have enabled me to move forward in a timescale I would not have considered possible when I first saw her.

Senior Associate 
in Law Firm

Catherine’s key strengths as a coach are her ability to rapidly identify and adapt to preferred communication styles, understanding of goals and her knowledge and experience of coaching styles and techniques. I would recommend her as a coach because of her effectiveness, identification of congruence of individual and business needs and structured approach

Senior IT Manager 
in Global Agrichemical Business

...and in small groups

I also speak to large groups at professional conferences and facilitate workshops

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